Yama Sublette & Martin



Medium-sized larvae, to 10 mm long. Head pale except for dark mentum and narrow occipital margin.

Dorsal Head

Frontoclypeal apotome present, with parallel crenulations at anterior margin; labral sclerites 2-5 fragmentary.


Antenna with 5 segments. Ring organ in proximal 1/5 of 1st antennal segment. Lauterborn organs short, opposite on apex of 2nd segment. Antennal blade not extending to flagellum apex, accessory blade short. Short style on apex of 2nd segment.


SI seta plumose on meso-ventral side only, SII simple, SIII short, simple, SIVa simple sensillum. Labral lamellae narrowly divided into two parts. Pecten epipharyngis simple of c15 small, relatively even-sized teeth. Premandible with 2 apical teeth, brush strong; seta premandibularis simple.


Mandible with pale dorsal tooth, apical tooth dark, with 3 pointed inner teeth. Seta subdentalis simple, extending to base of apical tooth. Seta interna of 4-5 plumose branches. Pecten mandibularis with toothed lamellae. Lacking any radially-arranged striae / furrows on outer surface.


Mentum with trifid median tooth with outer teeth well developed, the triplet lower than first of 6 pairs of lateral teeth; 1st and 2nd laterals appressed, remainder regularly decreasing in size. Ventromental plates separated medially by slightly greater than width of median teeth, about as wide as mentum, with about 24 coarse striae.


Lacking lateral and ventral tubules. Anal tubules half length of posterior parapod.


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