Thalassomya Schiner



Medium-sized to large larvae, up to 10 mm long.

Dorsal Head

SIII does not arise from strong tubercle. Dorsal surface without demarcated sclerites, coarsely granulate.


Antenna short, with 4 simple (non-annulate) segments; flagellum very short. Blade bifid, subequal to flagellum. Lauterborn organs small. Style weak.


All S setae simple and well developed. Labral lamellae absent but with anterior margin of labrum variably divided into 3 lobes. Chaetae serrate, in tuft. Pecten epipharyngis of 3 subequal toothed scales. Premandible broad, heavily sclerotized and with 1-2 weakly indicated apical teeth and well developed brush.


Single apical tooth no longer than any of 3-6 inner teeth. Seta subdentalis long, extending nearly to apical tooth. Seta interna with 6 fine simple branches.


With single median tooth bearing median nipple; 5 to 7 pairs of lateral teeth, outermost often very small. Ventromental plate weak; beard absent.


Tetrahedral lamellae at base of palpiger numerous and simple. Palp with all sensillae simple. Galea with few rounded hyaline lamellae. One anterior seta maxillaris developed as hyaline, multilobed lamella.


Anterior parapods fused basally, covered with small spines basally and with separate clawed apices. Posterior parapods separate with setae present. Anal tubules minute or absent. Body setation weak.


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