Skusella Freeman



Medium sized, pink-red coloured, 5 mm long, with ventral head length 195-235 um. Head capsule pale yellow except for golden dorsomental, apical mandibular and premandibular teeth. Narrow occipital margin scarcely darker than genae.

Dorsal Head

Frontoclypeal apotome or perhaps frontoclypeolabral apotome, since demarcation of labral sclerites only recognisable through minor change in granulosity, without frontal fenestra.


Antenna with 6 segments, with segment 2 short, and Lauterborn organs alternate on the 3rd segment. Segment 1 with ring organ in basal third, seta absent. Blade extending to near apex of third antennal segment.


SI plumose with about 25 apical branches; SII similarly plumose; SIII simple, short; SIVa and b moderately developed. 6-7 plumose chaetae. Seta praemandibularis simple. Lamellae broad, with weakly indicated median division. Pecten epipharyngis of three scales, each with 4-5 uneven-lengthed apical teeth in single plane. 7-8 deeply plumose chaetulae laterales, 2 apically branched chaetulae basales. Premandible with 3 teeth and very strong brush.


Mandible with strong, dorsal tooth, slightly paler than remainding teeth; strong apical tooth and 2 inner teeth. Pecten mandibularis well developed but not extending beyond dorsal or apical tooth. Seta subdentalis inserted on ventral surface, somewhat sickle-shaped and extending to notch between apical and first inner mandibular tooth. Mola and inner margin smooth, without spines. Seta interna inserted on dorsal surface, strongly plumose, 4-branched.


With clearly demarcated ventromental component of four subequal pale teeth, and dorsomentum of six teeth on each side, with the first small and pale, the remainder dark, with the second taller, then evenly decreasing in size laterally. Ventromental plates separated medially by slightly more than the width of the median four mental teeth. Ventromental plate fan-shaped, with curved, smooth anterior margin except for variably indicated anteromedial hump; no striae visible in mid and poste rior plate but with an outer submarginal row of lappets; apparently without hooks. Setae submenti simple.


Lateral and ventral tubules absent. Anterior parapods with dense, fine, simple claws; posterior parapods claw simple; Procercus unpigmented, small, as high as wide, bearing 4-5 anal setae.


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