Semiocladius Sublette & Wirth



Small to medium sized larvae, up to 4 mm long.


Antenna minute, 4 segmented; segment 1 much shorter than wide; segments 2-4 short. Blade shorter than to subequal to flagellum. Lauterborn organs absent. Style short.


Labrum with SI bifid; remaining S setae simple; SII quite long. Labral lamellae absent. Pecten epipharyngis of 3 subequal scales, partially fused at bases. Premandible with 2 pointed apical teeth and a rounded inner tooth; brush absent.


Mandible with apical tooth shorter than combined width of 4 inner teeth. Seta subdentalis short, pointed. Seta interna with few simple and serrate branches.


Mentum with single rounded median tooth and 4 pairs of lateral teeth, decreasing evenly in size. Ventromental plate rounded, bulging tooth-like; beard absent.


Maxilla with two distinct levels. Without apendix seta, antaxial seta well developed, few long lacinial setae, undifferentiated lacinial chaetae, pecten galearis and galear lamellae absent; maxillary palp well developed at 2 levels.


Body with anterior parapods fused and densely clawed, posterior parapods simple, separated and with few simple apical claws. Procercus absent; 1 anal setae present. Anal tubules absent.


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