Prodiamesa Kieffer



Large larvae, up to 15 mm long.


Antenna with ring organ in basal 1/3 of basal segment. Blade longer than flagellum.


Labrum with SI with apical teeth; other S setae normal. Labral lamellae broad, pectinate. Chaetae serrated; chaeta media conspicuous. With about 3-4 spinulae. Pecten epipharyngis consisting of 3 scale-like spines. Chaetulae laterales smooth; chaetulae basales well-developed, bifid at apex. Premandible with 2 apical teeth and weak brush.


Mandible with apical tooth longer than combined width of 4 inner teeth. Seta interna with serrate branches.


Mentum with 12-14 teeth or 16-18 teeth including the 2 accessory teeth on each side of 1st lateral teeth; 2 median teeth low; 1st lateral tooth high, trifid; 4th and 6th (when present) lower than 5th. Ventromental plate broad and long, Chironomini-like, numerous strong setae in beard.


Maxilla with anterior lacinial chaeta not conspicuous. Lamellae of galea scale-like, triangular, smooth. Cardinal beard present.


Body without conspicuous body setae.


Ecological Notes

Larvae in springs, streams, rivers, pools, ponds, and the littoral zone of lakes. Holarctic. Four of five species described as larvae.

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