Pirara Boothroyd & Cranston



Small to medium sized larvae. Head capsule dark brown with pale area around ocelli and a dark occipital region.

Dorsal Head



Antenna 5-segmented; Lauterborn organs distinct, opposite on apex of 2nd segment, subequal in length to segment 3; blade distinct, may extend to apex of flagellum; ring organ in basal half of segment 1.


Labrum with SI strong and bifid, other S setae weak and simple. All chaetae simple. Pecten epipharyngis consisting of 3 scales; chaetulae laterales simple or apparently weakly serrated. Premandible with single, broad apical tooth, without brush.


Mandible with apical tooth shorter than combined width of 3 inner teeth; seta subdentalis lanceolate; seta interna absent, but long muscle filaments very evident; mola smooth.


Mentum with double median tooth and 3 or 5 lateral teeth; with pale, less sclerotised longitudinal grooves appearing as striations. Ventromental plate without beard, elongate, terminating posteriorly in bulge. Submental setae with 7-8 branches.


Palp with short sensilla and seta, numerous fine chaetulae, lacking any pecten, with plumose SM1-4, appendix and basal lacinial chaeta.


Parapods well developed. Claws of anterior parapods all with multiple fine serrations. Procercus small, basal seta apparently displaced subapically, half length of 3-4 anal setae. Anal tubules shorter than posterior parapods.


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