Paraborniella Freeman



Medium-sized, bright red coloured, up to 10 mm long.

Dorsal Head

Frontoclypeal apotome parallel-sided, anteriorly broadened, convex, projecting, with SII seta lying off distinct labrum; other labral sclerites fragmentary.


Antenna with 6 segments. Lauterborn organs alternate on apices of segments 2 and 3, short style immediately subapical on segment 3. Ring organ in basal 1/4 of segment 1, lying apical to extended un-sclerotised area, seta absent. Blade shorter than antennal flagellum, accessory blade short.


SI spatulate, apically plumose, fused basally; SII weakly plumose on apical outer surface; SIII slender, quite long; SIVa normal. Seta premandibularis simple. Labral lamellae broad with slight indication of median separation. Pecten epipharyngis of 3 (exceptionally 2) separate plates distally with quite uneven-sized teeth. Premandible with 2 teeth.


Pale dorsal tooth and 2 distinct inner teeth. Pecten mandibularis weak. Seta subdentalis broad, extending to 2nd inner tooth/base of apical tooth. Seta interna inserted on dorsal surface, plumose, 4-5 branched.


Mentum with distinct ventromental component of 6-8 slightly paler teeth, median 4 subequal, outermost forming a pair of somewhat appressed and protruding teeth with ventromental plate delimitation associated with larger, outer, of the pair. Four dorsomental lateral tooth evenly decrease in size laterally. Ventromental plates widely separated medially, about 2 times as wide as high, subequal in width to mentum, curved and moderately to finely striate, finer nearer median end. Setae submenti simple.


Lateral and ventral tubules absent.


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