Nilodosis Kieffer



Medium-sized, red coloured, length unknown, with ventral head length up to 600 ┬Ám. Head capsule golden coloured to brown with darker brown gula, mentum and inner mandibular teeth. Occipital margin darkened, with some evidence of a double margin.

Dorsal Head

Frontoclypeal apotome tapered posteriorly, broad anteriorly, without frontal pit; labral sclerite 1 anteriorly fragmented, labral sclerite 2 also anteriorly fragmented, labral sclerites 3-5 not developed, with SI-SIII elongate and lying lateral on labral area, SIV unusually anterior on frontal apotome, reduced to peg, and SV in middle of frontal apotome.


Antenna with 6 segments, segments 2 and 3 subequal, 4 and 6 less than half length of 5. Lauterborn organs absent. Small style at apex of segment 3. Ring organ in middle of segment 1, seta absent. Blade extending to apex of 5th segment.


Labrum with SI plumose on medial margin, seemingly smooth on lateral; SII simple, curved, widely separated; SIII strong, narrow, simple; SIVa well developed bisensillum. Bases of SI contiguous on rectangular darkened plate, which bears anterolateral lobe, each bearing short fine seta of unknown homology. 6-7 plumose and simple chaetae. Seta premandibularis short, simple. Labral lamellae broad, without indication of median division. Pecten epipharyngis of three scales, each with uneven row of several variable-sized short (?worn) teeth. Chaetulae laterales 4, plumose, 2 simple chaetulae basales displaced more anteriorly. Premandible with 2 narrow apical teeth and weak brush.


Mandible lacks dorsal tooth; with very elongate apical tooth and 3 clumped inner teeth. Pecten mandibularis absent. Seta subdentalis inserted on ventral surface, simple, extending to inner mandibular teeth. Inner margin bare. Seta interna absent.


Mentum medially cleft, without distinction between ventromental and dorsomentum; with 8 teeth on each side, the innermost 2 pairs paler, outer teeth mid-brown. Ventromental plates separated medially by greater than half width of mentum. Ventromental plate elongate fan-shaped with smooth anterior margin; striae present as relatively uniform-lengthed ridges across much of plate, running into or slightly disconnected from subapical band of regularly-spaced lappets. Setae submenti simple, stout.


Lateral and ventral tubules apparently absent. Anterior parapods with dense, fine, simple claws; posterior parapod claws simple. Procercus weakly pigmented, small, wider than high, bearing 6-7 subequal anal setae; procercal seta and possible 1 taeniate apical seta laterally on squat procercus.


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