Buchonomyiinae Brundin & Sæther



Moderate-sized, c. 4-5 mm, white. Head small in relation to body length, tapering, triangular; pale yellow, with slightly darker occipital margin. Eye spots single.


Short, less than 1/2 mandible length, 5 segmented; basal segment squat, as high as wide; remaining segments 2-5 consecutively smaller; no segment annulate. Ring organ seemingly absent. Blade shorter  than flagellum. Lauterborn organs apparently absent, but antenna with style on apex of 2nd segment, well-developed, at least as long as 3rd segment. 


All labral seta simple; SII longer, arising from well developed pedicels.


Modest sized, with outer dorsal tooth, strong apical tooth and 3 distinct inner teeth with the mola appearing as partly separated innermost tooth.  Pecten mandibularis absent.  Seta subdentalis seemingly absent. Seta interna comprising 4 simple lamellae.


Anterior parapods short, crowned with simple claws; posterior parapods also short, clawed. Surface smooth. Procercus absent, 2 setae at site. Body setae simple and short.


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