Amakye Cranston unpublished



Medium-sized, body length unmeasured, with ventral head length about 700┬Ám. Head capsule golden brown, with dark brown-black occipital margin and toothed part of mandible and mentum.

Dorsal Head

Frontoclypeal apotome rounded posteriorly, broad anteriorly with SIII situated on anterolateral projections, without frontal pit; labral sclerites 1 and 3-5 completely fragmentary, sclerite 2 apparently complete.


Antenna with 5 segments, segments 3, 4 and 5 subequal; Lauterborn organs moderately developed, opposite and apical on segment 2; style very short. Ring organ in middle of segment 1, seta absent. Blade extending just short of apex of antenna.


SI pectinate-plumose throughout its length; SII pectinate, bare at base; SIII simple, short, with bases contiguous; SIVa and b well developed. Chaetae numerous, subequal, long and plumose. Seta praemandibularis strong and simple. Labral lamellae broad, without indication of median division. Pecten epipharyngis of three scales, outermost with 6-7, median with 3, bluntly pointed to squared-off teeth in single plane. Chaetulae laterales numerous, apically plumose, 2 simple chaetulae may be basales. Premandible with 2 apical teeth and very strong brush.


Lacking dorsal tooth; strong apical tooth and 3 inner teeth. Pecten mandibularis absent. Seta subdentalis inserted on ventral surface, somewhat sickle-shaped and extending to inner mandibular teeth. Inner margin with single spine. Seta interna inserted on dorsal surface, strongly plumose, 4-branched.


Ventromental and dorsomentum fused, with 8 teeth on each side, the innermost (median) comprising 4 smaller teeth of which median pair slightly higher than laterals; all teeth similarly mid-brown, without any paler median area. Ventromental plates separated medially by width of median four teeth. Ventromental plate elongate fan-shaped with smooth margin; striae of mid and posterior plate present as variable-lengthed ridges running into subapical band of regularly spaced lappets. Setae submenti simple.


Lateral and ventral tubules apparently absent. Anterior parapods with dense, fine, simple claws; posterior parapod claws few, simple. Procercus dark apically, small, wider than high, bearing 8 subequal anal setae.


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