Aedokritus Roback



Moderate-sized larvae, to 7 mm long.

Dorsal Head

Frontoclypeal apotome with slightly convex anterior margin; isolated labrum with SII lying posterolateral to labrum, labral sclerites 3 fragmentary, 4 complete.


Antenna with 5 segments, 2nd subequal to 3rd and 4th, 5th short. Pedestal shape not described. Ring organ in basal 1/3 of basal antennal segment. Lauterborn organs on apex of 2nd segment, well developed, greater than half length of 2nd segment, without pedicels. Antennal blade slightly shorter than flagellum.


SI with separate bases, plumose, SII long, thick, simple or apically pectinate; SIII and SIV normal. Labral lamellae multi-toothed, single plate. Chaetae and spinulae numerous, plumose. Pecten epipharyngis of 3 separate rounded scales. Chaetulae laterales stout, simple, basales identical to laterales. Premandible with 2 apical and 2 inner teeth.


Mandible yellow-brown. Short, pointed dorsal tooth present; apical tooth slightly longer than first of 4 (or multiple!!) inner teeth, the inner most larger than the median pair, pecten mandibularis. Seta subdentalis long, extending nearly to base of apical tooth, inserted on mid-surface of mola, lying along inner (dorsal) surface. Seta interna plumose. External surface of mandible smooth, molar margin with spines.


Mentum with single, broad, shallow-domed median mental tooth, 6 pairs of laterals diminishing in size on even line of slope. Ventromental plates slender, broad, gently curved, separated medially by slightly more than width of median tooth; striae numerous linear, parallel, fine.


Anterior parapods virtually fused, with simple claws; posterior parapods with fewer hooked claws. Procercus large, conical, posteriorly directed, with strong procercal seta at about mid-point, and 6 strong apical setae. Anal papillae large, medially narrowed.


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